Adventures in Apartment Hunting, part 3

I finally found a place to live, happy happy me! It took 3 locators and some ungodly amount of time but I found it! Spee! And I celebrated with a haircut. More on that later.

The thing I have, have, have to say though- my locator was a jerk. LOVED my second locator, really wonderful guy- Keith Williams at Austin Property Pros. Never complained once when I wanted to see EVERY property that fit my specs, never tried a hard sell, very professional and friendly, got to know me (greeted me on the phone with “How’s my favorite blogger?”, etc) and bought me a soda when it was hot.

I adored him and I’m so sad that he won’t get the commission for finding my new place. I was really quite worried I’d never find the right apartment in such a tough market this time of year and he definitely put me at ease. I heartily recommend him.
However, I was pretty bummed out with my third locator. I went with this company because I figured they would know the area better than anyone and while yes, they found the right place for me (gotta put down that deposit tomorrow, can’t forget) I was really irritated by the locator’s attitude. He acted like it was a burden to show me around- recommended to me several times that I go back to the apartments later without him, commented on how much gas it would take to go look at all the places (there were four or five), seemed disorganized (we went to a place where no one was in the office at all), and generally seemed standoffish and disinterested. I was elated to find my new place and he wasn’t even excited or happy about it even though he’d be making money off my choice. Oh well. I tried to be friendly and everything but after awhile I just shut up- there wasn’t a point. Boo, Locator. Bad form.

But happily, I have a deposit to pay tomorrow and a space to claim. Hooray.

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