Personal wind farm

breeze.jpgThe conventional wind farm comprises turbines that generate electrical power from wind-turned blades; mine employs battery-supplied electrical power to generate wind. My first Squeeze Breeze cost a dollar and was found on an Albertsons remainder table. Now, thanks to Academy Sports & Outdoors, I enjoy the gale-force effects of an array of Squeeze Breeze water misting fans. These take two AA batteries and use them very efficiently. The William Cannon store stocks them currently in three lurid color combinations. There’s a carrying strap, the trigger when pressed releases a spray of cooling water (broken into a mist if the fan’s in operation), and the aperture for filling is large enough to admit ice cubes for additional chill. In this household, where there’s no air-conditioning, we especially prize them because they stand up on their own and are really good (and quiet) personal fans for use, for instance, on a cluttered computer desk. We like them also when we’re outdoors reading in the screen tent after supper, and they’re great to have along at the bus stop. These are invaluable accessories for hot outdoor events. If they’re not sold on the grounds at the ACL music festival this year, somebody can make a fortune waylaying those afoot and headed for the entry gates, complete with a 100% markup over retail.

The old ads used to say, “It’s fun to shop at Academy.” And at least at this store, it certainly is. I truly hate to shop. The employees at William Cannon know their stock and know where it’s to be found. They assist the shopper and one another. They’re cheerful. Because I dislike shopping so, I want the sought-after to be found, and found fast. If it’s not available, I want to know that right away as well. I was there in search of a particular sort of footgear. It was carried in a broad range of sizes. There are places to sit and mirrors for viewing shoes. Members of the staff find the styles and sizes, bring them to the customer, and assist in lacing where necessary and in putting them on and taking them off the foot. They were helpful with impatient children getting ready for the new school year. I saw no Brannock measuring device, but I’ve been in dedicated shoe stores selling much dressier and more expensive shoes with service not half so good.

Members of the staff know their fishing tackle and sporting goods and are not condescending to their female customers. It really was fun to shop at Academy. The Squeeze Breeze mister fans were located in the camping department.

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  1. Misting Fans (unregistered) on August 10th, 2006 @ 10:26 am

    It’s amazing how much little things like that can help. It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world when you’re in 98 degree heat.

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