Not to Xalapa, not today

autobus.jpgAfter asking about bus fares at Autobuses Garcia, we checked out Ta Lai next door for the first time in a long time. Ta Lai was very fancy when it opened, back in 1977, and was a date-friendly spot for the students who populated nearly all the Riverside apartments in those days. Today it was serving a buffet with an array of customary dishes, all-U-can-eat for a bit over seven dollars. This included iced tea refilled endlessly and a choice of two soups. The soups, egg drop and hot and sour, were very good. The hot and sour was full of cloud ears. These were the best part of what was available, which was otherwise fairly workaday. Ta Lai was doing a good business today between one and two. There’s a table near the register with items attractive to those picking up to-go food (sold by weight) for the long bus rides that begin every evening at 9:30 to Celaya and Queretaro with connections to points beyond. These include toothbrushes, sunglasses, costume jewelry for presents, and more. With views of the Tower and the Capitol, once all the waterfront apartments have been condo-ized and gentrified, the hilltop locations south of Riverside will be next. The closing of the Back Room, with the gameroom that was a home away from home, is probably just the beginning of big changes to come. Today’s fortune, courtesy of the Golden Bowl people at Wonton Food of Brooklyn, is “Your power is in your ability to decide” but there are no hints on what shouold be decided or how. I’ve decided, though, that tonight’s not the night for heading to Xalapa.

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