Reprieved by the rain

handmowr.jpgThe skies opened at 6:55 am yesterday morning. Within seconds, the gutters were filled with rushing water. Lawn-watering day here according to the City’s suggested five-day schedule was set for today, beginning at midnight. There was so much rain yesterday morning, though, that the grass and everything else visibly perked up and actually grew quite a bit by suppertime yesterday. Bingo! That meant two hours of extra sleep this morning, no wrangling of two hoses and two sprinklers, and the chance to devote a half hour’s time before breakfast to skimming around with the me-powered reel push mower. Adhering to the watering schedule does work and things here look no worse than they do at those establishments with sprinkler systems running every night all night long. Items in pots get some help from the hose at least once a day, but that’s what keeps those geraniums, flowering garlic blossoms, milkweed, chiles, and cucumbers handsome and thriving. The City hasn’t been campaigning much this year about water use generally, perhaps because it has itself been profligate. In the letters column of today’s local daily, without mentioning anything about the Austin City Limits festival, Austinite Virginia Webber notes that Austin doesn’t practice what it preaches and that there’s a lot being wasted at Zilker and Auditorium Shores by the City itself. Here at our adobe hacienda, the grass and shrubs will wait six days between waterings, thanks to the generous gift from the skies yesterday morning.

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  1. mss (unregistered) on August 30th, 2006 @ 3:54 pm

    First oxblood lily opened in my garden today. (I read you had some hose-watered ones earlier). That’s it. Fall’s begun in Austin. Sure it will be back to 97 tomorrow but it doesn’t matter.

    I think I appreciate the drop in temperatures even more than the rain. When I opened the door this morning it was cooler outside than in. (Unlike you we do have an air-conditioner) but it’s set at 80 at night, 88 during the day.

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