Festivals Schmestivals

Alright- maybe I’m just cranky, but this whole ACL gig seems like more of an annoyance than anything else. Don’t get me wrong; as a closet musician and music junkie, I appreciate the whole idea of gigantic gatherings of amazing talent. What I don’t appreciate, however, is the collateral damage that comes along with any festival.

I grew up in Seattle, land of festival this and festival that. As if driving my 5-speed civic up and down the hills downtown wasn’t hard enough, try dodging dirty festival-goers at the same time. Slipped the clutch again, damn hippies! Yes yes, there was lots of fist shaking.

However, I have never experienced madness like that caused by the great Austin City Limits.

I made the fatal mistake of thinking I could catch a show at Emo’s last night- a nice, free, casual show. Ha! After we spent almost an hour being caravanned between busses heavily loaded with barefoot riders, wading through cheap-cowboy-hat-wearing waves of tourists, and failing to find a parking spot anywhere in town, we gave up. Went back to south south south Austin and played air hockey.

Earlier in the day: Lamar was a madhouse of traffic, TacoDeli was packed full of wristband wearing drunks, and MoPac was hell. What is it? 70,000 people or something? Thats insanity.

Is it because Im fairly new in town? Whatever the reason, I don’t know how you Austinites deal with ACL, much less embrace it. I fear I will come to dread ACL weekend each year…maybe even leave town for it. Or perhaps one year I will collapse under the pressure– put on my favorite straw cowboy hat, grab my Chacos, down a shot of whiskey and join in the fun.


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  1. Elton (unregistered) on September 17th, 2006 @ 1:20 am

    We’re supposed to be the live music capital of the nation, we have to keep it up somehow! As long as it keeps pumping money into our economy and bringing Austin in a good light with the rest of the nation I’m all for ACL.

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