Greatest show: and only two left

snakes.jpgThe Circus Chimera has just two shows left, at 4:30 and 7:30 today, before it heads all the way to Kyle. The Chinese acrobatic company stole the show, in its many incarnations and styles of acts, but it was all great, even that old-chestnut crowd-pleaser the motorcycle globe of death. There’s also a midway, with pony-rides on a turnstyle under a canopy and two or three little rides that were pleasing very small children. Preschool daredevils were loving the giant and steep double slide in the form of a sinking Titanic. I notice that the spider and reptile tent was getting plenty of business as well. There are four seat prices. Three grades have backs; the cheapest seats are backless bleachers, which are not advised for anyone without perfect posture. There wasn’t even anybody renting cushions for those. The hula-hoop queen has a sideline in painting kids’ faces. All the performers stand outside the tent at the end of the show, to be congratulated and thanked. I liked the peanut-selling promotion: the first ones to buy and find a special coupon inside the package got a free balloon. The clown’s a veteran and very good at his business; everybody else (but the ringmaster and manager, an older person) enjoys youthful good looks. My favorite act featured two young women doing something that was beautiful to see that involved a cross between cat’s cradle and flinging and catching on the strong large objects that acted like yo-yos (a diabolo act). I’m sorry I didn’t bring binoculars. The show is very up-close, but I like to see every little detail of the costumes. Parking is free. The next time that Circus Chimera passes through, I’ll be sure to attend and my guess would be that so will everyone else who’s seen how great it is.

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