Hold on to your hats!

Batten down the hatches! During the night, blasts of wind sent snagged limbs that have been up there high in the air for three and more years down to the ground. All the transoms blew open. Even the biggest outdoor potted plants were blasted hell, west, and crooked. The chairs were found far from the front porch. I’ve seen limbs of all sizes down and entire trees tipped over. The National Weather Service warns of strong, gusting winds. On a quick trip home this noon-hour we saw shingles in the streets and sections of palisade fences down. At home, our pegged-down and tied-down screen house had been picked up and thrown against a fence. I’m not going to walk under anything alive, because I don’t own a hard hat. It’s not a bad idea to wear sunglasses when outdoors because there really is a lot of debris in the air. It’s lucky there’s not rain or lightning along with this. What I’ve seen is south and central. North?

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