Kickass Chicks

Went last night to the Pete Yorn/Dixie Chicks concert at the Erwin Center and was completely blown away- while the Chicks may have had to cancel Texas shows outside of Austin but they received multiple standing ovations and came back for an encore. Of course the Chicks have Austin ties- four of their children were born here, they shot a very famous photo here at Austin Studios, etc. I went with Leah and Brandon, and since we’re all from east Texas/northwest Louisiana, so all the songs are about us. We came out in full force, bumpkins dressed in cosmopolitan clothing, as if we didn’t have a coutry bone in our body. Meanwhile the people next to us looked like they were at the symphony or something. Whatever. Highlights from the setlist included a rollicking “Sin Wagon”, a stunningly lush “Top of the World” and a wry, energetic “Goodbye Earl”- in between songs Natalie treated us to her thoughts on Britney and K-Fed and amusing quips about where the songs came from and what they meant. We were sitting in a top section but it felt like we were just hanging out in their living room.

They showed a trailer for their documentary Shut Up and Sing, and to think about what they’ve gone through for the things they’ve said and yet they’re still touring and singing…they’re so inspirational. Even my dad, who bought me Wide Open Spaces, sighed with disapproval when he found out I was going to the show. The times have changed for the Chicks, but they’ve weathered the political storms and fickle fans to grow as musicians and stand by their message. The Dixie Chicks are heroes. They put on a great and moving concert, and they rocked my face off.

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