Eastside from an east-coast viewpoint

It’s all about the real estate: “Preserving Honky-Tonk Culture While Attracting New Buyers” (NYT, section 8, page 14, byline Beth Greenfield), illustrated with three photographs, including one of those views of downtown from the east. Honky-tonk? Never mind. The writer says that IH-35 takes just seconds to cross, but doesn’t mention that it takes much, much longer than that on foot or even by bike, with risk to life and limb at most places, even if the crossing involves “only” city streets and frontage roads. This article contains the usual comments from the usual people: Hilgers, Warshaw, Lorenz, Almanza. There are bonus mentions of the yet unsold, including the structures just mushrooming overnight on Robertson Hill. The article wouldn’t be complete without the words “gentrification” and “affordability.” Keep an eye out for rumored plans to knock down some Austin public housing and redevelop it as “mixed-income” housing. This article, complete with its reference to free-range yard poultry and mention of the relative cheapness of the land, is a come-and-get-it for national investors.

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