American Airlines flight 1348 continues its notoriety. This is the one that was diverted on December 29 from Dallas to Bergstrom, where people were held on the plane for over eight hours. Some friends who were to visit us cited this flight as their reason for not making the attempt during our recent “wintry” weather. Today’s NYT column on business travel (“After 8 Hours on the Taxiway, You Might Want a Bill of Rights,” byline Joe Sharkey, page C8) returns to this instance of confinement under bad conditions. One of the passengers stranded, Californian Kate Hanni, is lobbying for Federal legislation for a passenger bill of rights, saying: “We were basically held captive for almost nine hours.” Today’s column reports that eight AA flights were kept confined on planes in Austin for at least three hours. >>> Scott Dadich, responsible for the most recent redesign of Texas Monthly, carried out a redesign of Wired magazine. I like the new typefaces for Wired, but there’s no disguising the reduction in print content and the expansion of white space. I think that the TexMo makeover was much more successful. Wired has gone past tired to expired. >>> Austin’s Monique Pena Johnson is depicted glamorously in the February 12 issue of Woman’s Day (page 105). She has been active on the outreach committee of the local chapter of the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas. >>> Quondam Austinite Lucinda Williams was asked whose music she’s listening to now: “Playlist | Lucinda Williams: A) Sexy, B) Loud or C) Dreamy? Try D) All of the Above,” byline Winter Miller, January 28 NYT. Carrie Rodriguez is among the eight named, and some extremely nice things are said about her and her work. Seven Angels on a Bicycle is in stores now.

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