Need some alternative Valentine’s Day plans?

dolce_vita_menu_coffee_martini_web.jpgYou might try coming to La Dolce Vita and watching “The Just Desserts“. They’re having their CD release party there on Wednesday, February 14. In addition to the normal string+accordion goodness normally provided by The Just Desserts, there will also be puppeteers, belly dancers, and super yummy vegan desserts made with no refined sugar!

I stumbled upon The Just Desserts when I met some friends for dinner at The Cosmic Cafe (a great place to eat, by the way). Not long after we arrived, a woman walked in with an accordion. Soon after, a man arrived with a cello. My curiosity was piqued. In my head I heard Weird Al Yankovic doing a duet of “Another One Rides The Bus” with Yo-Yo Ma (sadly, this particular aural experience never came to fruition and remains only in my head).They set up and started playing a variety of music, all of which was entertaining and very well done. What really caught my attention, though, was just how much joy they seemed to get from playing. The accordion player looked almost in a rapture filled trance of bliss. It was impossible to watch these people play and not just feel good.

As a complete side note that amused me, at one point I turned to my wife and said “In all my 36 years, I’ve never had an occasion to say ‘Hey, that accordion player is hot!’ until now”.

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