Back to ramen and popcorn

Austin’s legions of low-paid desk-jockey survivalists, the ones who never have time to eat a real lunch, rely for emergency rations, it seems, on three major food groups (excluding the morning breakfast tacos; this is about the rest of the day): ramen, peanut butter, and microwave popcorn, with chocolate enrichment added as required. If your stores of sustenance include Peter Pan (or Great Value, made at the same plant) peanut butter, you may want to check the cover for the batch number. If it begins with 2111, discard your supply. This batch has been sold in Austin. How do I know? A member of the household had bought some. A container was found on a pantry shelf. The workplace supply has yet to be checked but may be from the same batch. One account reports that this batch has been sold (and tagged as the likely cause of salmonella-related illness for some) since March, 2006. What will replace it at work? Another brand? Do-it-yourself Frito pie? The local daily reports that Houston schoolkids have had their peanut-butter sandwiches confiscated, but our local schools have not gone to such lengths. Here are the two manufacturer press releases on the subject: February 15 and February 14.

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