FIJI Flyers at UT

413997613_8bb2471301_m.jpgPrentiss posted a photo of a copy of supposed FIJI pledge rules that appeared all over the UT campus yesterday. The Daily Texan article theorizes that they’re a hoax, which seems likely.

I vividly remember the sambo incident in 1990 when I was attending UT as an undergraduate. Only a few months earlier, I’d naively tried to attend a Fiji party with a few friends. I knew at least one pledge class member that year along with one active member, so I briefly separated from the girls I was with to see if I could find one of them. I was there barely 10 minutes before I was surrounded by at least four Fijis who informed me that I had to leave because I “had an earring”. This was early 1990, so I suppose that guys having their ears pierced was a little out of the ordinary. It seems pretty tame by today’s standards. Anyway, I pointed out that I was with several women who would be leaving the party with me. No dice. I was escorted out along with my friends, never to return.

I’m guessing things haven’t changed much in the last 17 years.

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