Generic, specific, full service

It was long before the advent of Joe’s Generic Bar of late, happy memory that I started paying attention to the slightly odd appellations of some Austin businesses, the sort that the Coneheads or their cousins from some other distant realm visiting here might employ when setting up innocuous-seeming shell firms. Another departed favorite was the old Specific Motor Works, now haunting the Sullivan’s Steakhouse quarters. Not striving for the edge of anonymity but wonderful just the same is the identity selected for the business called Full Service Commodities. The truck was mysterious and has been seen twice, although not close enough to learn more about what these commodities may be and what constitutes the fullness of the service. I think it’s a food business and I’m very sad to think that it may not be an Austin enterprise, but perhaps one based in San Antonio. There’s no doubt in my mind that I will see this truck again, when I may hope for an unobstructed view and more information. I used to love Le Docteur Peugeot, which flew the tricolor flag of France in Capitol Court, but not many vehicles with that marque are seen in Austin these days; perhaps the French Revolution at the same location is a direct descendant. Back when South Congress was a much sleepier place, there used to be a business called House of Congress, and our visitors enjoyed having their pictures taken with the sign in view to keep as a souvenir documenting their raffish exploits in Austin.

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