Broadcast department: “What’s Going On?”

There were mysterious hints and then, last Friday on the KAZI Breakfast Club broadcast, the regulars seemed to be saying not to expect to hear them live for a period of time not known but perhaps as long as six weeks. This was terrible news. The Wake-Up Call, from 7 to 8 on weekday mornings, and then the Breakfast Club, regularly broadcast on Fridays from 8 to 9 am, and a must-hear when possible, have always been on the regular listening menu. All last week, missing morning radio, we couldn’t even bring ourselves to check out Sam and Bob on KVET, because the ignorant aren’t cut off as soon as they sometimes deserve to be. We dislike the way that el Chulo y la Bola take up more and more of the time on La Ley, although sometimes there’s a real, live call-in immigration lawyer guest who furnishes what seems to be sound and informed advice to people with unbelievably complicated questions regarding their immigration status. La Ley operators seem to think that the secret to the recent high Arbitron ratings was Chulo and Bola, but most people listen for the contests and to hear that great banda music. Anyhow, abstaining from morning radio has lasted just a week. Resolve broke down.

So we turned the radio on. The radio world has changed in the meantime, and in unexpected ways. I don’t know when it happened, but Troy Kimmel is now a regular with Sam and Bob, and not for weather only. Is he in training to pair with Bob in the event that Sammy retires? It was great to hear Junior Brown’s Highway Patrol, but I had to change the dial when the call-in fools were taking over. Before I did, though, I heard a sound-bite of Imus insulting Sam and Bob and their show and learned that Son Geezinslaw is having health problems, so Son and Sam have cleared their performance calendar for a while.

As the dial spun past 88.7-FM, I recognized a bar of the Marvin Gaye theme and thought that maybe there’d be a Breakfast Club rebroadcast. It was the guys, and live! They were still mysterious and there was no call-in available, but on the air were Richard Franklyn, Tommy Wyatt, Akwasi Evans, and Nelson Linder. The process under way for hiring a new APD chief was a chief topic, along with the succession process for UT’s Jody Conradt, but there was much else. Since the KAZI Web site is its customary cryptic self, there’s no news there, but I do like seeing pictures of almost all the on-air personalities. Now, I can recognize more than the chefs of the Breakfast Club and Lady J. We won’t again fail to check KAZI; maybe the entertaining and informative conversations will be there and maybe not, but I don’t want to miss any. I hope that, if there’s a break, it’ll be very, very short.

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