Free Time: Layoffs Hit for Dell and Freescale

If you notice a few more people hanging out at your local coffee shop during the day, they probably work for Dell or Freescale. Dell announced yesterday a 10% cut in staff over the next 12 months and Freescale handed out pink slips on Wednesday to an undisclosed number of its 5,400 local employees, including a friend of mine.

This follows the AMD layoffs early last month and announcement from IBM that they’re cutting down their Global Services divison, following an opinion column from Robert Cringely predicting that they’ll be instituting massive layoffs. I don’t think there are very many Global Services workers based in Austin, but somebody can correct me on that one.

Taking out the 9/11 factor, are we headed for another 2002-like downturn? I saw some people mention that they thought Austin wasn’t as tech heavy now, so it wouldn’t hit as hard, but this seems like a lot of jobless tech workers dumped into the market in one month.

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