WhoFoo site confirms Mackey postings on financial boards

Using the pseudonym “rahodeb,” he says on a Whole Foods FAQ page about the FTC-contested proposed acquisition of Wild Oats (which owns Sun Harvest stores here in Austin), “[f]rom 1999 to mid-2006 I made a number of postings on the Yahoo! financial bulletin boards concerning Whole Foods and Wild Oats.” This particular material on the FAQ page (there’s more than what’s quoted here) is shown as being placed there today, probably in response to a WSJ item also posted today, at 6:03 pm (byline David Kesmodel and John R. Wilke), entitled “Whole Foods CEO Mackey Posted Comments on Stock Message Board.” If the first WSJ link given here doesn’t work, here’s another (some sign-ins to some pages are at times required). There is no time given for the Whole Foods FAQ posting, which certainly reads as though it’s either written by or closely reviewed by one or more lawyers.

Update: (Thursday, 12 July, 7 am) WSJ continues to edit its story, and today’s NYT picks it up and adds detail (“Whole Foods Executive Used Alias,” byline Andrew Martin, published business section, July 12).

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  1. Pat (unregistered) on July 12th, 2007 @ 3:59 pm

    Since you found it necessary to link the story, why not offer some analysis? There’s too much patent regurgitation going on with this site. Most everyone looking at your posts has probably already read the same news stories, so why simply link them on your page? Offer some analysis or something to distinguish it, or we’ll quit stopping by…:p

  2. Rantor (unregistered) on July 12th, 2007 @ 4:27 pm

    I customarily write from direct personal experience, but by chance I found this Austin-related item nearly as soon as the WSJ had put it up and before it had been picked up by most services. My analysis is that, despite JM’s go-it-alone style, the commentary on the FAQ smacks of counsel’s advice. Beyond that, I’m interested in how the big-city folks treat this big story that has a local foundation but national import and don’t believe that I have any informed analysis to add. I’ve been asking people all day how and when they first learned of JM’s adventures as a sock-puppet. When and how did you or anybody else reading this? Don’t you think that this revelation is likely to affect FTC actions?

  3. Pat (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 10:43 am

    Thanks – Whole Foods anti-union bias is troubling. I don’t know Mackie personally; have known many people who’ve worked for him back in the day, though, and I think the fame and near-criminal amount of coin in his bank account has led him far astray from his roots over on West Lynn.

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