The Upper Crust: Let Them Eat Rocque

crust_closeup_color%28jay_elliott%29.jpgI realize many locals will think pasteries and coffee on Burnet Road when they hear “Upper Crust”, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. No, I’m talking about the legendary fop rock band from Boston, The Upper Crust, who’s coming to Beerland tomorrow night as part of a very short US tour. The Austin date is the only Texas date, followed by two in California and one on New York. This is their first set of live dates in quite some time. It’s a show not to be missed.

If you’re part of the unwashed masses unfamiliar with the band, just think Bon Scott era AC/DC with a healthy dose of Spinal Tap, powdered wigs, and pantaloons. They’ll no doubt play at least a few tracks from their classic album, Let Them Eat Rock (iTunes), which includes tracks like: “Little Lord Fauntleroy”, “Friend of a Friend of the Working Class” and “I’ve Got My Ascot ‘n’ My Dickie”.

From their own site:

Dearest of Friends,

It is with a glad heart that I put aside my ordinarily reticent disposition – for I have long dedicated myself to the attainment of a certain brevity of style in discourse which I believe conveys the discretion appropriate to a gentleman’s gentleman – and announce to one and all that my masters, The Upper Crust, long absent from the stage, are once again prepared to enter the tumultuous affray of Rocque.

So it is that at the risk of speaking perhaps a word in excess, I have the pleasure to relate that very shortly we shall again rejoice in the boundless vigor and cocksure posturing of the Duc D’Istortion with his marvelous electrical guitar; the unflappable composure of the noble Count Bassie, he of the golden throat and throbbing baritone instrument; the rhythmical connivances of Jackie Kickassis, whose mastery of the drums is never more apparent than when he is playing them; and in the strained braying of my Lord Bendover, which is neither more nor less bothersome than the sounds that usually accompany the ritual slaughter of a thousand goats on certain holy days amongst the Musselmen.

Your faithful companion of letters,

Bumbles, manservant and secretary to their lordships The Upper Crust

Photo by Jay Elliott, courtesy of Upper Crust’s Press Kit

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