Cowboys game viewable where?

The local daily has a Google map constantly updated by readers. It’s reachable on line from the home page (scroll down to “where are you watching the game?”). The map has been seen over two thousand times already. Word has it that home viewers with Grande or AT&T service can watch from their recliners in comfort, but they’re in the minority. Some people are installing alternate broadband service just to see this game. AT&T and Grande trucks have been sptted everywhere the last couple of days. How to see this game is a hot topic on local listservs so I thought that others might be interested as well.

Update: The link for “where are you watching the game?” has been changed since the above entry was initially posted; a kind person with the local daily reported the changed link and the correction has been made above. The link is to the reader entries reporting locations where the game may be viewed. At shortly after 1 pm, the number of map-views was over 3,200.

Update 2: So I’ve been asked. Yes; the game’s on the radio. As always, tune the radio to KVET 1300-AM. The inconspicuous button to click for streaming audio is to the right on the gray bar near the top of the page, just above the black menu bar. The map has been viewed over 6,800 times as of shortly after 7 pm.

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