Bar Lists: Good and Bad


Austinist points out that Mohawk has topped Esquire’s list of best bars in America. Other local bars mentioned in the list are Mean Eyed Cat, Donn’s Depot, and Ginnys Little Longhorn. The lists are generated by users submitting a location and then voting on it, so it only takes a few zealous fans and some high ratings to get on to the list. That probably explains the weird results.

I’ve been to Donn’s Depot a few times. It’s a bit quirky and has an old Austin feel, but unless you’re into swing dancing, there’s not much to recommend it. I’ve been meaning to get over to Mean Eyed Cat since it opened, but still haven’t made it over there. I’ve never set foot in Ginny’s Little Longhorn. Isn’t that the one with chicken shit bingo or is that the Poodle Dog? I always confuse the two. I’m still partial to La La’s Little Nugget when I’m in that neighborhood. Mohawk seems pretty cool. I’ve seen some great live photos from the patio, but have yet to experience a live show there other than a Rock N Romp during SXSW last year, which isn’t a good show on which to base an opinion.

That being said, I 100% agree with their other two Texas choices: La Tuna in San Antonio and Inwood Lounge in Dallas.

The Esquire list coincides with another list involving bars: APD’s annual list of most frequently mentioned bars during drunk driving arrests. None of the bars on Esquire’s list show up on APDs list. In fact, I don’t frequent any of the bars listed on APDs list either. My theory is that these places are where the amateurs hang out. Dallas Nightclub, the perennial list-topper is still on the list, but far below the number of arrests of Oilcan Harry’s. Between that and Rain, it looks like APD was targeting gay clubs in 2007. Bars west of Congress are more frequently mentioned than their eastern brethren.

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