Sushi Sake quick-lunch

Sushi SakeThere were four working behind the sushi bar and four perched on stools in front of it. At the tables, most seemed to be ordering bento lunches. Sushi Sake was busy during the lunch hour yesterday, alive with the hum of conversation. The bento offerings may all be priced at $8.95, or at least the ones at our table were (featuring shrimp tempura and salmon teriyaki). Call them gyoza, as the menu does, or just think of them as pot-stickers; they are among the best in town and worth the price of $4.95 for an order of four. It was good to be at a table where not everyone cares for miso; I traded some vegetable tempura for more soup. I also love the iced tea here, whether not-plain-old-brown or refreshing green. It’s not weak, it’s served in glass not plastic, and, in a town where lime is presented most often, there’s actually a big lemon wedge for each glass of tea for those who care (and many do). I know people who go to Sushi Sake just for the oddly addictive salad dressing, which is somehow citrus-y and otherwise mysterious. Sometimes Sushi Sake has a Web site and sometimes it does not; this seems to be one of the “not” times. Sushi Sake has lasted a long time at 9503 Research, #500; telephone 527-0888. It’s open continuously throughout the afternoon, seven days a week, which makes it a good bet for a pre-movie meal before adjourning to the nearby Arbor theater. Service is gracious and, although it appears to be leisurely, almost always manages to meet the quick-lunch standard.

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