Proliferating parties

It was like that last night; it’ll be more like that tonight: celebrations everywhere. Nobody’s listings are anywhere close to complete, and I’m not even going to try.

I do collect these promotional cards that people hand out and leave under windshield wipers, and this is my favorite one so far for these events. It happens to be for an event at Karma that has already occurred. It’s my favorite because of the three images (one with a bad aspect ratio), but I love it because it’s presented by “Presidential Swagger” and because I love all the copy, including especially these lines:

“We want all Cultures & Races to come out
We must unite

I hear that there’s not a projector to be rented anywhere in town. All I know is that those inclined to attend a public celebration won’t have to look far at all. As I’ve seen on neighborhood lists, people ask if there’s a party nearby and then add that, if there’s not, the asker will hold one.

I haven’t caught up with 2009 yet; it was only after the appointment was made that I relized why it was so easy to line up a session with the dentist at noon today. Clueless. Just go right ahead and say so.

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