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Banksy's CCTV

The cities website lists the latest set of Red Light cameras that are going to be activated and they include:

  • o Wells Branch Parkway and Loop 1 (MoPac) eastbound on the northbound frontage road.
  • o IH 35 and 11th Street eastbound on the northbound frontage road.
  • o Ben White and Lamar boulevards eastbound at the southeast intersection.
  • o Ben White and Lamar westbound at the northwest intersection.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against discouraging or stopping red light runners, especially as I was driving a car where the passenger was seriously hurt and could have been killed by a Dr jumping a red light; he was prosecuted using mobile phone data. It is though worth being mindful of who has access to the data, how long it is kept, and what other uses it can be put to. You have been warned, don’t be a star of CCTV!

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  1. amishtejas1 on March 26th, 2009 @ 4:13 pm

    "he was prosecuted using mobile phone data."
    Was he prosecuted in Travis County and if so can you explain "using mobile phone data"? Thanks.

  2. triman on March 26th, 2009 @ 10:04 pm

    The accident and the prosecution was in the UK. The Dr. came from my left across a red light, on the opposite from him was a guy waiting for the light to change. At those lights, both north/south go green at the same time and there is no filter light.

    The guy opposite the Dr. said he was on the phone at the time, I had no idea. Initially I’m told when first cautioned by the Police at the scene of the accident the Dr. denied being on the phone. Later the police got his cell phone call log and combined with the witness, and the fact there was a call that lasted until almost exactly when the accident occured, he changed his plea. I assume the Police either contacted, or said they’d contact the numer that the Dr. had been calling and I guess could have asked an even bought them to court as a "witness" if the Dr. had told them, or they’d "heard" the accident and then he hung up.

    Recently, Lord Ahmed was jailed for 5-years in the UK for sending txt messages right before ann accident that killed a man.

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