Thought for the day #3: It’s called leash free for a reason

Photo by Arbitrary.Marks on Flickr - Some rights reserved

Photo by Arbitrary.Marks on Flickr - Some rights reserved

because the rest of it isn’t.

The recent fuss over the leash free area at Auditorium shores caused almost as much uproar as the potential desctruction of the trees at Barton Springs, or building yet another sprawling development over the Edwards Aquifer, I guess it’s easy to why when you see how people treat their dogs as four-legged people and invite them into their familes.

I guess like familes, some are disfunctional, and a disfunctional family often also have a disfunctional dog. One of the reasons for the push back over auditorium shores was the occaisional agressive dog and uncaring owner, dog attacks dog, scare child, owner does little or nothing. Dog owners have to police themselves. Out on the rest of the trail the rules are different, you can’t complain if the dog is on a 10ft leash and spread across the trail, but you can complain if that same dog is leash free, don’t feel bad about it.

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