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"Small package to follow"

That’s the IOU in my gift-giving circle, and we all like books. Sometimes we just haven’t thought of the proper one to give by the time that the Occasion has rolled around. Today is customer appreciation day at BookPeople, and I concluded all my “SPTF” business there. It’s 20% off everything except special and Internet orders, gift cards, and items from the cafe. The inventory of seasonal greeting cards was way down, but I think that all seasonal items are being sold at 50% off, not 20%. There’s a great selection of Mokeskine items. When I’d found everything on my gift list, I had a good time tracking down those special presents just for Me. I love BookPeople. Lots is open on South Congress (including Fran’s, Doc’s and way more), Sweetish Hill is closed, Whole Foods and H-E-B are open. OfficeMax on Lamar is closed, but Office Depot on South Lamar is open. Nearly all the people that we saw out and around appeared to be and sounded like visitors, although locals were to be found at many of the usual haunts, riding and running outdoors, or (judging from the neighbors) hunkered down by the TV and merely sending out foragers from time to time to return with food and drink. The quiet days are almost over, and the new year will soon begin in ernest. I think that the long and bright fireworks display last night marked a fresh beginning and hopes for a better future for all of us. And if books are what brighten your outlook, remember that the BookPeople bargain bonanza doesn’t end today until 11 o’clock this evening.

Janitzio open today

Janitzio on East Riverside is filled with the holiday spirit and doing very good business, including takeout. There were two tvs going, both without sound. I was facing Maribel Guardia in an infomercial for Caracol Cream, promising to rejuvenate the complexion. The jukebox was busy all the time at two plays for a dollar. We heard oldies, current Mexican pop, corridos of all types, and conjunto music. Janitzio today appeared to have more musician patrons than anybody else, but there were also singletons, family groups, and people who appeared to be construction workers on their day off. The red salsa that arrives with chips is addictive, with fresh tomato, lime juice, and black pepper flavors seeming to predominate. Extra tortillas of both kinds arrive with no need to ask for them. Mexican Coke with real cane sugar, not the corn fructose stuff, is available. At our table, we ordered chuletas de puerco in salsa verde, gilded from the grill, and excellent chile relleno. We saw other tables asking for repeat orders of campechana. Every stool was occupied at a small bar against the back wall. Janitzio shares a parking lot with Mariscos, at 1422 Town Creek Drive (telephone 442-6275). The Farm to Market Grocery on South Congress, where the conversation is livelier than ever on a holiday, was open all morning and on up until 3 this afternoon. I noticed that La Hacienda Market and Joy East Buffet are very, very busy today. BookPeople opened at noon and will stay open until 6 pm today. I love Austin’s small-town atmosphere on major holidays.


We took the family to the Harry Potter release party at Bookpeople last night. The Boy dressed in his Harry Potter costume from Eeyore’s earlier this year. He got quite a few compliments, in fact, so much so that a PA from Rick Linklater’s IFC-funded as-yet-untitled 12-year project asked if he’d be interested in being an extra in some filming they’d be doing at the party.

They ended up including the whole family walking behind Eller Salmon and his crew in full Harry Potter regalia up the side of BookPeople from GSD&M. The Boy got a first hand view at the mind-crushingly boring reality of filmmaking. We had to walk up to the party about 10 times before they decided that they had a decent enough shot to move on. They headed over to the Lamar side of the store to do some more shooting at which point we were allowed to rejoin the party. I guess we’ll have to wait for 2016 to see if we made it in the shot and avoided the cutting room floor.

The party was ok, but hampered by the high temperature and high humidity. We never got to see the fire dancers or the surprise prepared by Alamo Drafthouse, although they were inflating the portable screen as we left. We only lasted until 10pm as we’d already reserved our copy of the book at Sam’s last week.

There are a few more pictures in the Flickr set.
Harry Potter - Boyhood - Bookpeople

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