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Cafe Josie: now with outdoor seating

Cafe Josie is just as wonderful as ever (it wouldn’t be possible to say that it’s better than ever, because I’ve never seen any room for improvement). The menu can’t even begin to describe the intensity of flavor in what is brought to the table.

It would be a delight to try something new, but at lunch I can never bear not to order what’s described like this: “pepita redfish with mango habanero butter: Pepita and Spice Crusted and served on Poblano Rice and Cotija Black Beans with Tomatillo Chile, Ancho Chile, Spicy Pepitas and fresh Vegetables.” Today’s vegetables were sweet carrots and snow peas. I think that asparagus was one of the vegetables the last time around. The appetizers always seem to be just as generous as the entrees, and at our table today the following were ordered to be served in that way: (1) grilled lobster cakes with lime cilantro aioli and (2) crisp gulf oysters served with the same aioli and with a honey chipotle sauce. Others raved about the fish tacos. Diners on the patio appeared to be enjoying this new venue.

We found that the ideal “hot cross buns” from Sweetish Hill are available on weekends only, so we did without them, consoling ourselves with poppyseed kaiser rolls instead.

And because we had the rolls, we found it necessary to go to Kash-Karry Fresh Plus for delicious items to put in and on the rolls. And because we were next door to Sledd Nursery, we treated ourselves and our pleasure grounds to some additional geraniums.

All this was necessary to compensate for the spring-break dental visit, not anticipated or experienced with pleasure. But the aftermath described above made up for it. As we hustled around, we enjoyed the sounds of live music everywhere and the sight of so many people walking, wheeling on bikes, and riding the bus. Thank you, SXSW!

Restaurant refuge from the crowd epicenter

Cafe Josie AustinCafe Josie is one of those places where the food comes piping hot to the table. And what food it is! Lobster cakes and oysters and redfish, enhanced but not overwhelmed with enticing sauces and garnishes. The quantities are not gigantic, but every single mouthful is imbued with complex flavors. The luncheon menu changes with the seasons. Some make a meal from a series of the delicious appetizers. We always intend to order desserts but usually find that there’s no room. The starters and entrees are much more generous in portion than they at first appear to be. The crowd at lunch today comprised Austinites mostly, but I did hear some talk of recouping advances and I also heard a table of people speaking what was probably one of the languages of Scandinavia (it sounded German-related but wasn’t German). So some visitors are finding their way to this pleasant spot behind Portabla, across the side street from Wiggy’s, and about a block from Sweetish Hill Bakery. Cafe Josie was a happy choice for lunch and, if the fates decree it (or if long waits to be seated elsewhere do), we’ll return again for dinnner sometime during South by Southwest.

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