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Valentine hearts, handmade

If your Valentine dislikes the soppy or the flippant cards out there and you’re not inspired personally to create a stationery labor of love for the occasion, these are the cards for you.

There are many more designs than those in the illustration, but each one of these petite works of art is backed by quality red card stock and is accompanied by a sturdy envelope. The label says “home school” and there’s a site name ( that’s not up and running at the moment.

The insides are left blank, leaving room for you to create your own sentiment. It’s up to you to express the feelings that you want to convey, up to you to inscribe the poetical tribute of your choice. These are not cookie-cutter greetings. The sender makes them unique.

Collect ’em all, kids, if you can’t bear to send or give one. Find these and many other suitable heartfelt tributes to the occasion at Farm to Market Grocery on South Congress.

Janitzio open today

Janitzio on East Riverside is filled with the holiday spirit and doing very good business, including takeout. There were two tvs going, both without sound. I was facing Maribel Guardia in an infomercial for Caracol Cream, promising to rejuvenate the complexion. The jukebox was busy all the time at two plays for a dollar. We heard oldies, current Mexican pop, corridos of all types, and conjunto music. Janitzio today appeared to have more musician patrons than anybody else, but there were also singletons, family groups, and people who appeared to be construction workers on their day off. The red salsa that arrives with chips is addictive, with fresh tomato, lime juice, and black pepper flavors seeming to predominate. Extra tortillas of both kinds arrive with no need to ask for them. Mexican Coke with real cane sugar, not the corn fructose stuff, is available. At our table, we ordered chuletas de puerco in salsa verde, gilded from the grill, and excellent chile relleno. We saw other tables asking for repeat orders of campechana. Every stool was occupied at a small bar against the back wall. Janitzio shares a parking lot with Mariscos, at 1422 Town Creek Drive (telephone 442-6275). The Farm to Market Grocery on South Congress, where the conversation is livelier than ever on a holiday, was open all morning and on up until 3 this afternoon. I noticed that La Hacienda Market and Joy East Buffet are very, very busy today. BookPeople opened at noon and will stay open until 6 pm today. I love Austin’s small-town atmosphere on major holidays.

Farm to Market Grocery and Texas French Bread open today

Farm to Market Grocery is open until 3 pm today. So far as I could tell, snacks, beer, eggs, and souvenirs were the big sellers while we were there.

We noticed that lime-squeezers and also lemon-squeezers are in stock right now. This is the time of year when it can be tough to find them. These are the enameled versions, not the squeezers made from the naked mysterious alloy.

Next door at Texas French Bread, people were talking about “power bagels.” I’d be afraid to meet one in person, weakling that I am.

This may be the first time ever that I’ve seen absolutely no vehicle in any of the parallel-parking spaces along Congress. This will change, no doubt, as sleepyheads stumble out for food and refreshment generally in the process of preparing to get out to see the Aggies parade up Congress from the bridge, starting at 1 pm.

Part of our preparation was sampling the Maine Root Ginger Brew. I don’t even like carbonated beverages much, but this is wonderful, with the true (and hot) taste of plenty of ginger and not too much sweetness. I’m eager to try the Lemon Lime next time around. The name may include “Maine,” but Maine Root is an Austin business.

Kuisine cuisine discovered anew

We used to buy samosa in fairly large quantities, ones made by Kala’s Kuisine and almost always available at MGM Indian Foods, among other places. Then this tasty item was not to be found; the word was that Kala had stopped bringing this vegetarian treat around and we couldn’t find it anywhere, but we missed it and always kept hoping to find it again.

It must have been a matter of looking in the wrong places or of giving up too soon. We’ve just found Kala’s samosa again, at the Farm to Market Grocery on South Congress. Somebody reports that Kala’s Kuisine is at Wheatsville, too. These days, there’s a samosa trio packed in a clear case along with a tamarind sauce.

This food tastes just as good as it ever did: wonderful! I’m so glad to have noticed it there in the cold case. I find the included tamarind sauce (ingredients listed as tamarind, dates, pineapple, tomato paste, ginger, salt, and spices) a bit too sweet for me and so accompany the samosa treat with mint chutney, but others like the tamarind accompaniment almost better than the samosa itself! Potatoes don’t taste any better than this.

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