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Shoal Creek Nursery for all your butterfly and hummingbird needs

Tucked away on Hancock Drive is a beautiful bower created by friendly people who are there to help you beautify your outdoor surroundings. Shoal Creek Nursery seems to stock every single variety of lantana that I’ve ever seen. Plants attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies appear to be a specialty, and the nursery even makes available a list of what appeals to these colorful visitors.

Shoal Creek Nursery offers many plants not often seen for sale elsewhere in Austin; an example is ruellia (the so-called “Mexican petunia”) in several colors. Shoal Creek Nursery carries more seeds for more types of herbs, vegetables, and flowers than I’ve seen anywhere else. They aren’t the Italian, Japanese, or Korean seeds found elsewhere from time to time, but an extremely wide array of varieties, including seeds for wildflowers, packaged by several seed companies may be found there right now.

New-season bedding plants already present in variety are dianthus (pinks) and Johnny jump-ups (violas). Spring bulbs of many kinds are expected soon. We’ve usually found a fine selection of high-quality ranunculus (also known as “Persian buttercups” and the model for Mexican paper flowers) tubers at Shoal Creek.

It’s a pleasure to see thriving plants after our tough summer and to plan for the cooler weather that’s on its way. Shoal Creek Nursery is one of Austin’s treasures for gardeners.


  • All publicity’s good publicity, as they say. So they spelled his name wrong in a national news publication (“Suddenly There Are Long Lines to Buy Dirt,” Time, April 27). Austin’s own John Dromgoole, our Natural Gardener and proponent of square-foot gardening, is presented as a prophet of the new frugality.
  • Former Austinite Martha Rose Shulman and vegetarian cook extraordinaire keeps a blog for the NYT called Recipes for Health: Talk to the Chef and lets us all know how to keep a kitchen that prepares food that’s good for us and that tastes just as good. Somehow, I had overlooked this blog, but I won’t from now on. She is a prolific author of cookbooks. The Vegetarian Feast was published when she still lived in Austin, and Fast Vegetarian Feasts, after she had moved on. Both have a place on my shelves and both have remained in print through many editions, for good reason.
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