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Jo’s out-javas those others

That’s the conclusion to draw, I think, from the fact that Starbucks has announced its plans to shutter some 600 of its outlets around the nation, that only two on the big closure list are in Austin, and that one of those two has been in a geographic face-off with local favorite Jo’s Hot Coffee on South Congress.

There’s dog-friendly Jo’s, independent stand-alone that sprang up on the pavement where a used-car lot used to be, Jo’s without much shade, Jo’s building a name from scratch as a venture after the pie biz and before Lamberts, Jo’s with beer, juices, and food to stand alone or accompany the caffeine.

Maybe Starbucks has good coffee, but I don’t know. Caffeine-ingestion at the homestead begins and ends with unsweetened piping-hot black or very chilly iced coffee brewed from house-ground Ruta Maya beans picked up at the Farm to Market. The filter is Melitta number six. I don’t think I’ve ever been inside a Starbucks, and I’ve never consumed any Starbucks product. The first Starbucks that I can remember was the one on Congress with the knobs outside the windows to ward off Evil Bus Riders (I’m one). Little City was downtown first and has always welcomed everybody, open from the beginning to all life-forms on the Avenue.

Jo’s has been a magnet on Congress south of the river since its earliest days. Long may it thrive and prosper!

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