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Trash cart into smash cart

I was nearly done in by our trash bin or at least suffered a very good imitation of a close call. Following are a true-life cautionary tale and a plea. Everyone knows enough by now to take special care with the large-capacity blue recycling carts, but it’s best to be mindful when dealing with the mid-sized carts as well, particularly if you’ve been allotted one of the top-heavy ones.

The original carts were squared off all the way down and quite stable. After our first one was destroyed in the street, we were issued one, allegedly of the same capacity, that had a square mouth but was cylindrical nearly immediately below the square collar, and not well balanced. After that one was destroyed in the street, we were issued one that is square on top, but that below has rounded corners on the front edge and quite a short axle. This one has had wheel replacements at least twice.

Thanks to the lovely people who treat themselves to the convenience of depositing their dog by-products in the trash carts of other people (including the large blue carts for recycling clean paper, metal, and glass), our mid-size cart was stinking to the heavens, detectable for some distance when we arrived home on last week’s collection day. The dense and copious redolent gift within had enjoyed the full benefit of our premature summer temperatures.

No mishap occurred when the cart was upended and the stinking and noxious contents were dumped. But when it was time to dump the not-large quantity of water and dish soap and unhygienic residue after an attempt at cleaning, the unwieldy cart on the hilly street suddenly tilted in an unexpected direction.

This is the first day since then that it’s been possible for me to use a keyboard. A watch served as a wrist-guard. No bones were broken, but the swelling was a sight and no fingers could be bent at all for some days. All from knuckles halfway to the elbow remains discolored and there’s still a big egg or knot at the point of impact. I’m thankful that I’m almost ambidextrous (or in this case “ambisinistrous”), from playing musical instruments and sports mostly the right-handed way.

I’ve learned a lesson from this experience and it’s that the smaller carts can be just as much a menace as the Big Blues and require just as much mindfulness. And the pet by-products? They just keep on a-coming. This week, the filthed-up receptacle was the recycle bin. “But it was in a plastic bag” is no excuse.

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