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Witnessed on watering day

One of the two official watering days for this household began at midnight. We usually take advantage of just one of the two and then hand-water on other days as needed, using the garden hose fitted with a sprayer that can be turned off as it’s carried from one location to another.

The sprinklers were to be set up this morning by the first in the household to awake. I was that person, as it happened, jolted upright when the police helicopter buzzed our rooftop at about 1:30 this morning.

Here’s some of what I saw and heard while on irrigation duty through the night. Three taxicabs passed by and two of them were yellow. Three lone bicyclists went by; two of them had flashing lights and one did not. All three rode helmetless. There was a fourth person on a bike: he was coasting downhilll accompanied by a guy on a skateboard. At 2:30, a working musician returned home from a gig and took his guitars into the house. At 3:00, a neighbor who’s awake every time we are and perhaps even more often than that, came out on his front porch and smoked a cigarette, sitting on the steps next to his faithful canine companion. At 3:50, the newspapers were delivered all along the block. Those with irrigation systems had them running all night long, official watering day or not. By the light of the beautiful golden crescent moon, toads were to be seen everywhere enjoying the sprays of water. Owls could be heard calling from the trees not under the glare of the streetlights.

Next on the personal agenda is a performance of Pirates of Penzance, thanks to our local Gilbert & Sullivan Society. Tomorrow’s the last performance day of this run, but I’m planning to attend today, leaving tomorrow as a fall-back in case anything unforeseen prevents attendance today. I can use some laughter, music, and general good humor; and Pirates is a sure source of all three. Watering completed, I retire to refresh myself for the day to come.

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