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Full moon celebration

Its full moon tonight, just a quick reminder of a couple of fun things…

First up at 7.30pm it’s Full Moon Yoga – Should wrap up around 8.30pm, leaving just enough time to drive down to Barton Springs and park for the 9pm free Barton Springs full moon swim, which was big fun last month although I only caught it on the Austinist [video, work safe!] – hint, don’t bring your wetsuit – should be a howling good time!

Bend it, Stretch it – Yoga for free

I’m partial to a Yoga class, but not so dedicated that I’ll pay a regular membership, it’s tough fitting classes into the work, life, run, swim, bike and race schedule. I also enjoy a touch of the unusual. And here are two classes which address both.

Full Moon Yoga: Tonight sees the next in the Charles MacInerney Summer series of Yoga classes out at the scenic overlook at Ridge Oak Drive. Class starts at 7.30 tonight, and it’s a fun way to start a yoga following since it’s out in the open you won’t feel like everyones watching you and there is plenty of space. Charles leads the class in a somewhat relaxed way, you can make the positions as hard or easy as you want.

If you go, drive to the end of Ridge Oak Drive, I suggest a blanket or Yoga mat, arrive early, turn the car around since its a deadend and please be respectful of the residents and their driveways! Google maps here.

I can’t make tonights class, I’m doing one of the Summer Stampede runs.

Blanton Museum 3rd Thursday: When I discovered the class I decided to keep quiet about it, but couldn’t, it’s too good not to share. On the 3rd Thursday of the month the Blanton stays open until 9pm and entry is free. If that wasn’t good enough, up in the main gallery upstairs they host a free Yoga class.

The class is much more reverential, quiet and serious, but is still a good stretch. If you don’t have a yoga mat and are just starting, the instructor usually brings along a few. Class starts at 6.30pm. It’s probably one of the more unusual places for a class. Free parking is available opposite. Google maps here.

See you there!

Exercise for free – My top 5

I ran down the trail the other day, along the north side to the Mopac bridge, while taking a brief rest before setting off back on the south side, I saw something that reminded me what a great free resource the trail is and started me thinking about other cool free exercise related things here in Austin. These are mine, got any others ? Post a comment.

1. RunTex Water Barrels. This was got me thinking. While sat there getting my breath back, a woman in a skirt sports running skirt and yellow v-neck cotton top, ran in, stopped, took a drink from the RunTex supplied and supported water barrels. Next up she refilled the small paper cup, pulled her top forward and pured the water down. How great is RunTex for providing, stocking and filling the water butts at both end of the trail!

2. Austin Tri Cyclist Saturday rides. No mater how fast I think I’m cycling, showing up for the ride on Saturday morning shows me I’m not. Bang on 8.30am out comes owner Don, gets on his bike waits for a clearing in the traffic and the ride starts, often some 30-riders, sometimes less, sometimes more. I rarely survive with the main pack onto South West Parkway and even when I do I get dropped before Highway 71. Whats the point ? Well if you don’t try, you’ll never improve. The ride is about 32-miles, goes to the corner of 71 and Bee Caves, back along the winding hills of Bee Caves Rd, onto 360 and back through Zilker to the shop, where Don provides Tacos and Coffee. If you get dropped before Bee Caves, don’t give up, a small group often meet up at the cleaners on the corner to finish the ride together.

3. Early Morning Barton Springs Swim. Arrive by 6:45am and you can get a full hour swim for free, any day. I don’t get the wetsuits, I’m sure the triathletes will reason that they need them for race prep, or other excuse, but you really can’t beat the feel of the cool water sliding across your back as you glide through the water. The Life Guards clear the pool at 8am and you need to pay the $3 fee if you want to stay!

4. Blanton 3rd Thursday Yoga. On the 3rd Thursday of the month you can go visit the Blanton, it’s free. Take your Yoga gear and you can go do an hour of Yoga in the main gallery, stay on for the book club, or just walk around the galleries.

5. Full moon Yoga. If you are inspired and reading today Monday 19th, tonight is the next of Charles MacInerney Full Moon Yoga sessions. Show up tonight by 7.30pm with a mat or a blanket and stretch through Charles relaxed and somewhat informal Yoga instruction, when the class is over, sit and watch as the Sun goes down and the Moon comes up. I’d recommend taking a top to keep warm afterwards as well.

So, those are my current top-5, got any to add, am I missing something important?

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